Funeral Flower Delivery Service

Yes Florist can deliver flowers for a funeral service in most cities across Australia. We have shops located across all major capital cities and funeral services are always a priority when processing orders. Depending on the funeral service type, you may have the flowers delivered to the wake/Rosary, Church service, Funeral home or opt to deliver sympathy flowers directly to the families home or workplace. These are all possible options when sending funeral or sympathy flowers.

Funeral Service

Send Flowers to the Church, Funeral Home or Wake/Rosary

Sending flowers to a funeral service is always a good way to pay your respects to the family. Your order will come with a card message and the funeral director will collect all the cards when the service is complete and hand them to the family. Floral tributes that are suitable for funeral services are available for purchase online. There are several options when sending flowers to a funeral service, these include:-
1. Hand Tied Sheafs
2. Wreaths
3. Floral Bouquets
4. Custom designed wreaths (Hearts, Teardrops)

Sympathy Flowers

Send Flowers to the Home or Workplace

Sometimes customers would like to send flowers to the family immediately to let them know they are thinking about them. In these circumstances, we send sympathy flowers which can be in the form of bouquets or floral arrangements. These are different from funeral flowers in that they can be displayed in the home or workplace leading up to the funeral service and offer solace and comfort to the family. When choosing colours, be mindful that dark tones such as blue are typically for the passing of a gentleman and soft hues are for the passing of ladies. Soft hues such as white, yellow and pastels can be used for either males or females.

Gender and Colour Selection

To make selection easier we have categorised our products in two distinct groups, those flowers that are suitable for the passing of a man and those suitable for a women.
Sympathy flowers for Ladies
Sympathy flowers for Gentlemen