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Stats and Facts about Adelaide SA

The capital city and most populated city in South Australia is Adelaide. Of all the states in Australia it is the fifth most populated, it also has the most centralised population of any state with 75% of its residents living in the greater Adelaide area. Adelaide is on the Adelaide Plains between Gulf St Vincent and the low-lying Mount Lofty Ranges which surround the city, it is north of the Fleurieu Peninsula and it stretches 20 kilometres from the coast to the foothills. People from Adelaide are referred to as *Adelaidean's*.

A Brief History of Adelaide

Adelaide was named in honour of the Queen Consort to King William IV Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen and the city was founded as the planned capital for a freely settled British province in 1836. One of Adelaide's founding fathers Colonel William Light chose its location close to the River Torrens and designed the city. The area was originally inhabited by the Kaurna People. Colonel William Light set out to design Adelaide in a grid style layout, interspaced with large public squares and wide boulevards, entirely surrounded by parklands. The early Adelaide was shaped by wealth and prosperity up until the Second World War it was Australia's third largest city.

Today Adelaide is well known for religious freedom, civil liberties and a commitment to political progressivism. From the mid-19 th century it has been known as *the City of Churches*. Adelaide is well known for its sporting events and festivals, it's food and wine, it's long beach fronts and the large manufacturing and defence sectors.

December 28 1836 South Australia was officially proclaimed as a new British colony near The Old Gum Tree which is now the suburb of Glenelg North. In South Australia the day is commemorated as Proclamation Day.

Originally the Government was to survey and sell off the land so that land values would remain un-affordable for some (labourers) and funds raised from the sale of land would be used to bring out working class emigrants who would have to work for the moneyed settlers if they ever hoped to own their own land. As a result, Adelaide does not share any convict history with any other Australian cities - Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne and Brisbane - that all have a convict history and past.

Things to See and do in Adelaide

Some of the amazing things to see and do around Adelaide include - a visit to the Haigh's Chocolate Factory, explore the delights of Jetty Road, Swim with the dolphins at Temptation sailing, stroll along Gouger Street or Visit The Barossa Valley.