New South Wales

Districts and Local Government Areas we Deliver Flowers to in NSW

New South Wales is home to 132 local government areas that control the diverse landscape across the state. The councils that control these districts also manage the local streets and businesses, such as fruit shops, florist shops and general stores. It's the local government areas that ensure things are running smoothly across the state and any disputes from local businesses are raised with their local government.

New South Wales is home to Australia's most populated city - Sydney. The state spans thousands of kilometres and encompasses a broad range of shires, districts and local government areas, those of which are broken down in the list below. These Local government areas define the boundaries and cities located within it. They are independently operated through each local council and deal with matters that pertain to the areas requirements given it's geographic position.
In 1906 there were 327 Local government areas across NSW, today there are only 132. Over the years, councils become amalgamated, merge or simply close. It's a common practice for small government areas and areas that share common characteristics.