New Baby

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The Joys of Welcoming a New Baby

The arrival of a newborn baby is always a joyous event. Share in the joy by sending mother and baby a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Flowers delivered to a hospital maternity ward add colour and can brighten a dull hospital.

Other suitable floral arrangements for newborn babies can also be found in our range of Congratulations Flowers. A perfect way to say Congratulations on becoming a Mother/Father or Congratulations on the arrival of your newborn baby son or daughter.

Flowers or Baby Hampers

We are often asked, should we send flowers or baby gifts? It's a personal choice that is up to the individual. Flowers have been proven to lift peoples moods and instill positive thoughts, so this is always ideal, on the other hand baby gift hampers have some great clothing items and accessories that can be used. In some cases, customers send both flowers and gifts!